Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Repairing an RV is not a piece of cake, You will need expert mechanics that can fix your RV.
One of the biggest disadvantages of an RV is that you CANNOT easily find a mechanic for an RV but now a lot of people have opened up their own companies that provide mobile RV repair.

If you are living in Buffalo and Own an RV that needs some repair then you can always hire RV-Limited. They can come to your home and fix your RV for a reasonable rate and save you the headache of finding a mechanic.

How to get your RV repaired in Buffalo,NYC? If you are living in Buffalo and Own an RV that needs some repair then you can always hire RV-Limited. They can come to your home and fix your RV for a reasonable rate and save you the headache of finding a mechanic.

R.V. Unlimited is a Mobile Company That Rents, Repairs, and stores RV’s. We Repair Awnings, Air Conditioning, Furnace, All Appliances & Utilities, Winterizing, Plumbing, Electrical, Roof Repair, & More. We also repair motor homes. Call for a Reservation. R.V Repair we do it all and very reasonable rates. We repair Roofs, Awnings, AC, Furnace, All Appliances, Winterizing, Plumbing and much more. The great part is that were Mobile and we come to you.

You can get your appointment at http://www.rv-unlimited.com/service/

Thursday, July 04, 2019

If you are thinking about buying an RV but have no knowledge of RV's then you need to know some details so you don't suffer any major problems. in the future, You can cause some real problems for yourself if you are not familiar with RVs.

What Type of RV Do You Need?

First of all, You will need to think about what type of RV are you looking for? Do you want a brand new RV or a used one?
If you have the budget then I would recommend you to buy a brand new RV instead of a used one because most of the used RV's needs a lot of maintains and maintaining an RV is not cheap and instead of spending some serious bucks on its maintains, You can buy a brand new RV and save yourself the headache.

Advantages of Buying a brand new RV

  • You get a top notch RV with full manufacture warranty
  • You don't have to worry about changing tires, repainting or any other spare part.
  • You can get the RV Of your choice. This means that color and layout will be according to your wish.
  • You will be at peace knowing that there is nothing wrong with an RV.
  • New vehicle means good engine and consumption, Which will lead to less consumption of fuel.
Disadvantages of Buying a Brand new RV.
  • You will need to spend a huge amount of money to buy a brand new RV.
  • You may have to travel yourself to get the RV or pay a heavy amount on shipping.
  • Insurance is quite expensive.
  • Re-Sale of these vehicles is quite slow.
I hope that these few tips may help you when you are looking to buy a brand new RV.

Reader's Contributions


It’s yours! No one else’s. No foot traffic. Everything is brand new. No stains. New camper smell (which sorta stinks).


You can have it built to your specifications. You get to pick which ugly ass wallpaper you want. What ugly ass fabrics you want. Somewhat customize-able. Upgrade A/C, rims, awning, etc.

You don’t inherit someone else’s problems. Sort of. You’ll inherit the manufacturer's faults. But you’ll have a camping-ready, no immediate outside use costs.

(Having purchased a brand new rig, I’m somewhat jaded. It was a decent experience. But it seems like all new rigs have some malfunction. Maybe the oven doesn’t work. Water heater malfunctions. Etcetera. The first trip or two is an adventure finding out what works and what doesn’t.)


Unless you pay cash, you’ll have that payment.

Depreciation. (Reddit)


It's overpriced and will depreciate 25% when you take it off the lot, and 25% again the first year you own it.

The dealership that will stand behind it is rare. Most will point out that each device in the RV has its warranty from its manufacturer.

The manufacturer that will stand behind it is rare; see above.

Warranty work often takes weeks or months; meanwhile the warranty clock ticks.

Most manufacturers build as cheaply as possible; even some high-priced class A's are poorly framed.

You get to work out or work through all the "bugs" that are almost invariably built into new RVs.


It smells good and looks shiny.

As you can tell, I believe in buying used and buying offseason, preferably from an owner who has already absorbed all the depreciation and fixed most of the problems.

Good luck to you! (Reddit)

Friday, June 21, 2019

It’s easy to think of yourself as Peter Fonda (well, a retired Peter Fonda, maybe) when you’re traveling down the highway in your RV. A true nomad, the open road in front of you—there’s nowhere you can’t go and nothing you can’t do.

Except that RVs—and the world of RV camping—come with a variety of restrictions. From highways to weight to the things you carry with you, it’s important to know where you’re going and what kinds of laws you need to abide by.
To document every single law would require some kind of Herculean effort that simply isn’t feasible here. Instead, this post will give you a few ideas for researching different elements of your rig to keep in mind as you travel.
(This post is NOT intended as legal advice—be sure to check local, state, and national rules and regulations before heading out on the road!)

Rig Length, Width, and Height

Traveling across the country can get tricky, because laws vary by state. The length of your trailer, for example, can go from very legal to entirely illegal by passing over some imaginary line in the road. Maximum heights vary from 13.5 ft. to 14 ft. Lengths vary from about 40 ft. to over 50 ft.
Things get more complicated when you’re talking about the combined length of two vehicles, and even more when you add another towable (a boat or another trailer, for example).
Completely overwhelmed? Don’t be. The good folks at Good Sam have put together a very handy table that gives you a good idea of where your rig will be welcome, and the varying heights, lengths, and widths of vehicles allowed on the roads.
While we’re at it, some states also require that larger vehicles stop at roadside weigh scales. Check state regulations to know if you need to stop.

Drivers Licenses

In short, the odds are heavily in your favor that you are able to drive your RV with your standard drivers license.
However, some RVs are big. Like, really big. Bordering on the size of a semi, big. And because we’re a responsible society, we don’t just let anyone get behind the wheel of a very large vehicle without proving that they’re capable of driving it safely and responsibly—and proving you can turn a corner without taking out every lamp post on the sidewalk
To reiterate, this won’t apply to the majority of RVs. But if you’re driving a particularly large Class A or doing additional towing, you’ll want to check your rig—and if you don’t know, your dealer or manufacturer should be able to provide you the information you need.

Trailer Regulations

double tow rv
Some states also require that trailers be equipped with safety devices like equalizing hitches, sway control, and independent brake systems. Some heavier trailers may also require breakaway brakes. 

Campground Rules

firewood at campsite
After all of that, the seemingly-insignificant rules of campgrounds can seem minor, but they’re still very important. Every campground will have some kind of restrictions in place for the safety and comfort of every camper.
Many campgrounds and national parks restrict carrying in firewood—or at least wood that isn’t purchased locally. And this isn’t a cash grab. Firewood can carry invasive species that spread to new areas through travel like this. It’s one of the ways the Emerald Ash Borer got around, and it’s been wreaking havoc on ash trees across the country.
Otherwise, you can expect campgrounds and national and state parks to restrict things like glass containers and fireworks. And while it should go without saying, we’ll say it anyway: if it’s illegal, don’t bring it with you.
Some of these rules may apply to your rig, and some may not. If you have questions, the experts at Camping World will be happy to help outfit you with a rig that meets your every need—and the rules of every state you intend to travel in.
 Every year thousands of families travel in the summer to enjoy their vacations but these trips are ruined by car troubles or Hotelling!
In this article I will give you 3 reason why you should rent an RV instead of choosing your own car.

Save time and Money !

One of the biggest reason why you should rent an RV is to save yourself alot of Money and time.According to a survey,You can save upto 60% by renting an RV rather than traveling with your own car and paying hotels Bills.And not only that,You wouldn't need to take any tensions about the reservations in hotels and save yourself from the headache.

Adventure !

The main goal of travelling is to go on an Adventure that will change your life ! With an RV you can experience the ultimate daring experience and you will enjoy every second of it and there are no limitation !! You can take it to the Sky!

Bigger and Better !

Its 2019 and its not easy for a big family to travel and go on an Adventure simply because its not CHEAP,So an alternative option is an RV in which almost 7-8 People can ride and sleep inside an RV.This is another reason why you should avoid hotelling and Rent an RV !

Where to Rent an RV ?

You can Rent/Buy an RV at http://www.rv-unlimited.com

After buying an RV the first question that pops in the mind of the buyer is  how to make the RV feel more like a home than just a vehicle?
The biggest benefit of an RV is that while travelling and camping is having all the luxuries  of home with you.You cannot get home sick if you are travelling on an RV.
Today I will be sharing some tips on how you can make your RV Feel more like a home.

Comfortable Seats and Furniture

Road trips can be more fun and relaxing when you are comfortable.In order to make an RV feel more like a home then you will need to add more comfy beds,seats and other furniture. of course  it will be cost you some bucks but it will make your RV more relaxing and fun and its a very important if you love Long drives.

Adding rugs will also make contribution in making your RV more comfy along with addition of more colors and textures but most importantly it will feel like you are sitting in your living room.However cleaning them is not a piece of cake but it will be worth it.

Painting the Walls

Another way to make an RV feel more like a home is by painting the walls according to your interior design.It will make an amazing difference in the our appearance of your RV.Painting an RV is a tricky business and I would recommend you to hire an expert painter for more precision.In the meantime,Take a look at some tips for painting RV Walls from our friends at RV inspiration.


Keep it new and simple ! Make sure to add more decoration items like lamps,wall paintings and some other small decoration pieces.You will be amazed to see how it makes a difference in the appearance of your RV.

Hanging up family pics will also make a contribution in making your RV feel more like a home.If you are worried about hanging pictures with all the movement that happens during travelling then I suggest you to use command hooks to make sure that the hangings will stay in one piece.